Glasgow to Edinburgh Ultramarathon.

55 miles from Scotland’s largest city to its historic capital, taking in the Antonine Wall and Falkirk Wheel along the way.

Glasgow to Edinburgh Ultramarathon.

55 miles from Scotland’s largest city to its historic capital, taking in the Antonine Wall and Falkirk Wheel along the way.


Please note: the G2E is taking a break for 2020

The G2E Ultramarathon follows the course of the Forth & Clyde and Union canals and takes in the Antonine Wall and the Falkirk Wheel before leading competitors into the heart of Edinburgh. The course is largely flat following the towpaths through the Scottish lowlands yet remains a challenge for the veteran ultra runner and novice alike. Both Glasgow and Edinburgh offer numerous attractions to explore for those staying for the weekend – Glasgow is Scotland’s largest city and is home to 41% of the Scottish population: once the ‘second city of Empire’ the city’s thriving nightlife and vibrant culture provide a snapshot of 21st century Scotland. Edinburgh is Scotland’s capital and its Old Town an UNESCO World Heritage Site and is famed for its castle, Holyrood Palace, the Scottish Parliament, Dynamic Earth, Greyfriars Bobby, Arthur’s Seat and many more attractions.

The race starts near Ruchill Park, Glasgow and has checkpoints approximately every 10 miles. The course is approximately 54 miles long and after leaving Glasgow is predominantly rural and off road until reaching Edinburgh. The finish is at Harrison Park, Edinburgh.





from 8am on race day at the start location by Firhill Court, Glasgow, G20 7BB


9am on Forth & Clyde Canal towpath by Firhill Court, Glasgow, G20 7BB


Harrison Park, Edinburgh

Registration fee

£45 for Scottish Athletics members / £47 for non-Scottish Athletics members

Race time

12 hrs

Total race distance

54 miles (racing line!)


Spring in Scotland – anything from glorious sunshine to freezing blizzard!


Various prizes from our sponsors and friends

Course details also available on MapMyRun.


Race Pack 2018

Forth and Clyde Canal Guide

Union Canal Guide

The Waterways Code

The G2E Ultramarathon is held under UK Athletics Rules.


When does race entry for the 2018 race close?

Race entry closes at midnight on Saturday 24th March 2018 or when the total number of entries reaches 200. There is no entry on the day.

Is there accommodation near the start?

The race start is approximately 2 miles from Glasgow city centre. If you are planning to stay the night before we recommend you stay in the city centre and take a taxi or walk to the race start.

Is the course difficult to navigate?

No. For almost the entire race you will be running on canal towpaths (make sure the canal is on your right!). Barring any towpath repairs or closed sections there will be only three times you need to deviate – once at the very start and then two more times to make sure you follow the correct section of the canal (and don’t run off to the coast!). These turns are clearly marked on your race fold-out map (in your entry pack) and any further deviations will be pointed out in the race briefing immediately before the start.

This is my first ultra and I’m not sure I’ll make the cut-off.

There is a 12 hour cut-off for the race (i.e. 21:00). How strictly this is enforced depends on (a) conditions on the day, and (b) the state of the individual runner. Marshals may choose to remove runners who are off-pace at CPs 4 and 5. They do this for the safety of the runner, other participants and the course officials.

However, the course is flat and fast and there have been very few occasions when the marshals have felt it necessary to remove runners based on their speed.

When do I get my race number?

Race numbers are distributed at registration between 08:00 and 08:55 on race day. Registration takes place next to the start gantry.

What footwear should I use?

This is largely down to personal choice. Many participants use road running shoes and the occasional pair of Vibram Five Fingers have been spotted at the finish. The course is largely compacted stone and earth, though there are extended sections of tarmac, paving and cobbles. As such, most runners will not want to wear out and out trail shoes and will want some cushioning.

Keep a close eye on the conditions as if it has been very wet some sections of the course can become boggy (particularly the cuttings near Ratho) and this may alter your choice of footwear towards something with more grip.

Personally, I use Salomon XT Wings S-LAB 4’s– incredibly lightweight and a good compromise for this sort of terrain.

Can I leave dropbags?

If you wish to leave a small dropbag containing food, spare socks etc at the start we will transport it to CP 2, the Falkirk Wheel. Your CP2 drop bag WILL NOT be taken on to the finish so be sure to only put food or items you will use during the race in it. If you also want to leave a kitbag with a change of clothes we will transport this to the finish for you.

Is there water provided at the Check Points?

Yes. Water, electrolyte drink and some snacks are provided at all CPs. Please remember to bring a bottle or bladder to fill.

I’m not planning to be out after dark. Must I carry all the mandatory kit, such as a headtorch?

Yes. Even the fastest runners have to pass through a long, unlit tunnel near Falkirk where you will be very glad of having your own light source! Given the way Scottish weather is kind enough to provide all the seasons in one day it’s important you are well equipped and capable of staying dry and warm if you pick up an injury.

With the advances in superlight gear (e.g. Petzl E+Lite headtorch 28g, Rab Windshirt 70g) the mandatory kit need not be a burden and you will be mighty glad to have it along if the weather turns.

Are there showers and changing facilities at the finish?

Normally yes, but due to a leak the nearby facilities will not be available for the 2018 race. We do offer bag transport to the finish so you can have a warm change of clothes waiting for you.

I want to go back to Glasgow after the race – is transport provided?

For those wanting to return to Glasgow (maybe to start a second lap of the course?!!) Haymarket train station is a 10 minute walk/hobble from the race finish. Trains run to Glasgow approximately every 30 minutes.

We don’t provide transport as given the length of the course even slight variations in pace add up to several minutes by the finish line. As such, finishers trickle in over several hours which would make for a long wait for those wanting to return to Glasgow. Many runners are based in other parts of the UK or are international participants travelling on after the race.